Travel Images

A global collection of images from almost every country in the world... Get a feel for the local highlights, culture and scenic marvels spanning the entire globe. An ambitious project, and at this posting boasting 12,000 images from over 300 countries.
Travel-Images.com - The Global Image Bank.

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IconBuffet : A Feast of Icons

Created specfically to complement the computer operating systems, web-based applications or websites. This small stockhaus has only three complete sets at this posting, but IconBuffet is a part of Firewheel Design, whose primary strengths lie in a large array of custom icon design for clients worldwide.
IconBuffet : Stuff yourself with Icons.

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Rex Features

Rex Features is Britain's leading independent photographic press agency and picture library, supplying a daily service of news, features, celebrity and general material to all national newspapers, magazines, TV, web and other media in the UK and in more than 30 countries worldwide. Has some cool exclusive photo features and news.
Rex Features

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Reuters Pictures

With over 650 news images added daily, this comprehensive Internet-accessed international photo archive contains more than one million images dating from 1995. And that's just one part of the Reuters editorial and news stock photography. Also everything for the global sports fanatic.
Reuters Pictures.

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The Hubble Project - Image Gallery

Every day, Hubble archives 3 to 5 gigabytes of image data and delivers 3 times that to astronomers all over the world... but you don't have to be an astronomer to appreciate this amazing choice of Hubble photographs of space, stars and galaxies from 1990 to the present.
The Hubble Project - Image Gallery.

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ArtBitz Stock Illustration

Way beyond clip art, ArtBitz stock illustrations and images are great tools and building blocks to help graphics pros speed the design process. From Flourishes to Regalia, Tribal Totems to Detroit's finest cars, ArtBitz provides cool modern and retro graphic stock illustrations in eps vector based packages... perfect for designers.
ArtBitz Stock Illustration.

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Black Star Photojournalism

For almost 75 years Black Star has served as the primary incubator for the world's best photojournalists. Photos covering historyic events and times from the 40's to the 90's for publications like LIFE magzine and National Geographic are de rigeur for Black Stars' deep editorial photography archive.
Black Star Photojournalism.

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Corbis: stock photos & digital pictures

One of the top pro image licencing houses. A top level collection of stock photography, commercial stock, superior editorial & historical stock -- like The Bettmann Archive, Conde Nast Archive, Hulton-Deutsch Collection -- and much more through their many aquisitions.
Corbis: stock photography and digital pictures

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Getty Images

This really is the hub of it all. Getty Images offers creative professionals the largest variety of photography and illustration in the world. From a glance at the collections you'll notice, Stone, The Image Bank, National Geographic, Time Life... not to mention Photodisc, Comstock, Thinkstock and Brand X Pictures. An immense stock photography and collection of illustrations and images.
Getty Images.

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Corbis: Editorial

Stock photographs of editorial moments, from pictures of the Fall of Bagdad to the last vote of the Presidential Election, Corbis Editorial brings you the best in the latest news images and photography. Covering entertainment, sport and news images -- featuring the Week in Review -- Corbis also offers some of the best historical stock links to vintage photography and archival images.
Corbis: Editorial.

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NY Public Library Photograph Archive

Really much more than just a single collection, the NYPL hosts two major archives of stock images and popular archival photographs of New York City and the Atlantic region.

Digital Library Collections
Links to the NYPL Digital Gallery, the Picture Collection Online, and other collections which include thousands of images of New York City.

Popular Images
Some of the Library’s most popular images plus a sampling of photographs not found in the Digital Library Collections.

Access to all these image collections and historic photograph exhibits begins after a short image licencing tour.
New York Public Library Photograph Archive.

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Getty Images Editorial

Pictures from hot topics like Outkast's performace at the Grammy's to last shot of the NCAA championship, Getty Images Editorial brings you the best in the latest news images and photography. Covering sport images, entertainment and celebrity photography, news images and photography, archival images, publicity photography and more.
Getty Images Editorial.

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Time Life Pictures

Time Life Pictures is an unparalleled collection of striking imagery, documenting past and present events in politics, culture, celebrities and the arts. The collection includes some of the greatest photographers of the 20th century whose photographs have adorned the pages of Time, Life and other Time Inc. publications.
Time Life Pictures.

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Hulton|Archive - Historical stock house

Hulton|Archive is one of the largest collections of photography and illustrative material in the world containing over 40 million images, covering prints, engravings, cartoons, illustrations, maps, periodicals and other ephemera for those looking to research historically significant subjects or personalities as well as those searching for creative and stock imagery. Formed by the purchase of both Hulton Duetsch and Archive Photos by Getty Images.
Getty - Hulton|Archive.

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One of the leading collections of unique stock images, Photonica is the third largest in the business behind Getty and Corbis. Founded 20 years ago in Japan, Photonica's continues to focus on offering their iconic "Photonica look" that defines their creative collection of work.

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PunchStock - stock photography

PunchStock specializes in providing royalty-free stock imagery to graphic artists and designers. Puchstock is a conduit for a huge collection of stock photography titles from over 30 of the top royalty-free brand name stockists.
PunchStock - stock photography.

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Workbookstock - stock photography

The stock photography side of the Wookbook trifecta offers an inspirational and high-quality collection of themed stock photography. Some of the Workbookstock photo galleries have amusing, yet relevant, topics like: "Where People Shag" and "Candy is Dandy".
Workbookstock - stock photography and stock illustration.

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iconica, a sister company to Photonica, is a fresh, quick and easy-to-use stock photography site with images carefully selected to immediately give you the most relevant, beautiful images that fit your needs.

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Getty Images - Film

Getty's commercial quality cinematography - from rare archival footage to hypermodern clips includes two huge collections of stock film and footage.

Image Bank Film is one of the leading sources for rights-managed 35mm cinematography. Fresh, relevant, accessible footage with high production values, covering a multitude of subjects.
Getty Images - The Image Bank Film.

Archive Films has a diverse collection of moments, eras and personalities. Select from vintage newsreels and educational film, as well as contemporary news and events from around the world.
Getty Images - Archive Films.

Access either from here: Getty Images - Film.

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The Workbook

More than just a place to find stock illustrations... find the artisist on assignment... hand-picked from the Workbook portfolios. Select from an accomplished roster of portfolios featuring illustrators, letterers and designers. A complete search of photographer portfolios is also available.
The Workbook.

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